Monday, July 25, 2011

Keep your kids safe near the water; in your house and outside

With the temperatures so high everyone wants to be near a pool or a lake. We do too! While you're there be careful, we want everyone to have a fun summer, and child drownings and injuries are something we want prevented at all costs. Here are some things to think about while at a lake:

Swimming conditions can be unpredictable in lakes, rivers and oceans. Water depth can change rapidly, as can water temperature, currents and the weather. Murky water may conceal hazards. Follow these water-safety tips:

Don't swim alone. Never allow children to swim alone or without adult supervision.

Wear a life jacket. Children should wear personal flotation devices whenever riding in a boat or fishing. An air-filled swimming aid isn't a substitute for a life jacket.

Feet first. The first descent into any body of water should be a jump — feet first. Before the jump, check water depth and temperature and look for underwater hazards.

Stay in designated areas. At public beaches, swim only in areas set aside for swimming. Don't allow children to swim in drainage ditches or other water-filled areas not intended for swimming.

Water dangers exist in our houses too. The water in common household items can be dangerous for young children. A baby can drown in just 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) of water. A curious toddler can fall into a toilet, bucket or fish tank. Taking these precautions can help:

Keep the bathroom door closed. Install a safety latch or doorknob cover on the outside of the door.

Supervise bath time. Never leave a child alone in the bathtub or in the care of another child. Drain water from the tub immediately after use.

Shut toilet lids. Install childproof locks on toilet lids.

Store buckets safely. Empty buckets and other containers immediately after use. Don't leave them outside, where they may accumulate water.


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