Uniform Division

The Uniform Division is the core of the Department.  The staffing consisted of one Captain, six sergeants and twenty-two officers.  Patrol officers work twelve hour shifts.  


The community consistently rates traffic safety as one of the most important issues to be addressed by the Department. This fact, along with the reality that a citizen is more likely to be involved in a traffic crash than be a victim of a crime, motivated the Department to continue its efforts in reducing the number of traffic crashes and mitigating related damage and injury. Traffic safety research reveals there are three main areas significant in the prevention and reduction of traffic crashes.  These areas include Enforcement, Engineering and Education. 

Enforcement – Officers use various tools to assist in the enforcement of traffic laws.  Some of these include radar in all marked patrol vehicles, handheld laser speed measurement devices, in-car camera systems for all marked patrol vehicles to document hazardous violations, police motorcycles and speed display units that are placed in various locations throughout the Township.  

Engineering – The Department has a close working relationship with the Ingham County Road Commission, the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Department of Transportation.  It often relies on these entities to provide expertise in areas of signage, posted speed limits, traffic signal placement and phasing, as well as road maintenance and construction. 

        Education – Traffic enforcement does not always end with a written citation. Often the officer will give the motorist a warning after an explanation of the violation.  This can be a significant learning experience for drivers.  Officers teaching T.E.A.M. in the schools stress to students the need to make smart decisions while driving. 

Wanted Suspect with a Felony Warrant

UPDATE:  Robertson is in custody.  Thank you everyone for your help. Meridian Township Police Department has a valid felony warrant for C...