Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Meridian Township residents have reported receiving calls from persons claiming to be from the IRS and Meridian Township Police.  The callers demand money, bank account information, credit card information or other forms of payment for unpaid taxes.  Callers claim to be an IRS Agent and threaten to press criminal charges and/or arrest the victim if payment is not made immediately.  Victims have also reported receiving telephone calls from Meridian Township Police Officers who claim to be working with the fraudulent “IRS Agent” and threaten to arrest the victim.  These scams can involve elaborate deception methods including the victim’s caller ID indicating the call is from the Meridian Township non-emergency telephone number of 517-332-6526.

Residents are warned that these calls are fraudulent and should be ignored.  The IRS, Meridian Township Police, and other government representatives will not call you and instruct you to provide banking information, to transfer funds by going to your local bank, to send funds by Western Union, demand your credit card information over the telephone, or instruct you to provide any information by e-mail or on any web site.  The suspects will continue to call a person if they receive any amount of cooperation from the victim.  The Meridian Township Police Department encourages you to hang up on such callers and/or ignore these calls completely.

Anyone who has information regarding this case is asked to contact the Meridian Township Police Department at 517.853.4800, CrimeStoppers at 517.483.STOP, or submit an anonymous tip through the Department’s social media sites.

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