Monday, August 25, 2014

Meridian Police Utilize New Tactic to Catch Distracted Drivers

Meridian Township Police officers are utilizing a new tactic to identify distracted drivers.  Officers patrolling in unmarked cars and wearing civilian clothing are spotting distracted drivers.   Uniformed officers in marked police cars will then stop distracted drivers to take enforcement action. 

Distracted driving is an increasing cause of motor vehicle crashes in the United States.  Enforcement of the law is difficult for officers, because violations occur quickly and at times in heavy traffic areas. This approach is being taken to encourage drivers to think twice before reading or sending text messages because an officer may be in the car next to them.

Courtesy of AAA Exchange
In 2012, 3,328 people were killed in the United States in accidents involving a distracted driver.  Distracted driving is a real issue that has a serious impact on people’s lives.  The Meridian Township Police are implementing this proactive enforcement approach to distracted drivers in an effort to reduce traffic crashes and injuries.

For more information on the effects of distracted drivers, visit the official U.S. Government website for distracted driving at or for specific Michigan statistics.

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