Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brush and limb clean-up

As a result of the ice storm hitting Meridian Township in December, officials
have facilitated a curbside brush and limb pick-up program of fallen branches to being April 14th.  The Township will be divided at Grand River Avenue and collection is expected to run through the end of May:

• All brush and limbs on the north side will be collected starting April 14th.

• All brush and limbs on the south side will be collected after May 5th.

• Brush and limbs will be picked up curbside between the sidewalk and the road.

• If there is no sidewalk, brush and limbs should be placed at the end of the edge of the property line.

• Brush and limbs must be no bigger than 8 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length.

Meridian Township has contracted with two companies who have the machinery to handle the amount of brush and limbs to be collected. Michigan Demolition and Redwood Landscaping will go down each and every street in the Township only once. Pick up may occur sooner in some areas, as there are currently many limbs already at the street, but all streets will be visited at least once after April 14th.  For more information visit the Meridian Township website at

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