Friday, March 21, 2014

Road closures for the weekend

The following roads in Meridian Township are, will be, or remain closed today and this weekend due to high water:

Primary roads:

Hagadorn Rd between Jolly and Bennett Roads: Will remain closed, water has gone down some but remains at edge of road and even with road surface.

Okemos Rd between Banyon/Burcham Drive: Will be closed starting today due to high water in the Pine Lake Outlet creek overtopping the road, which could possibly freeze into ice over the road.

Lake Drive, Northeast of Carlton Street: Will be closed starting today due to high water and possible road settlement. I understand the Carlton Street-Lake Drive intersection will remain open.

Residential streets:

Hillcrest Dr between Seminole Dr and Okemos Rd.

Nakoma Dr between Hamilton and Huron Hill Dr.

Ottawa Dr between Nakoma Dr and Woodcraft Dr.

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