Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Online Crime Reporting

The Meridian Township Police Department has recently implemented an online crime reporting system that offers the community another way to report specific, non-emergency crimes that do not require an immediate police response.  The purpose of this system is to allow citizens to conveniently file police reports from home, work, or anywhere with internet access.  This service is free.

Once the report is submitted by the victim, they will receive a temporary report via e-mail.  Meanwhile, a Sergeant will review the report and will follow up with the victim if additional information is needed.  Once the report is completed, the victim will receive a final report for their records.  If investigative follow up is necessary, an Officer will make contact with the complainant for further investigation.

Chief David Hall explains, “Using the web to report an incident is a citizen option.  If a citizen wishes to see a police officer, one will respond in person.  The Department values personal contact with our customers.  The web-based approach is for those citizens who are short on time, have no need meet with a police officer or simply appreciate the convenience of online reporting.”

Citizens may access the reporting system from the Meridian Police webpage, Facebook page, or blog at

As always, if you need to report an emergency or need immediate police assistance please dial 911.  To see an Officer regarding a non-emergency call for service, dial 332-6526.

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