Friday, March 22, 2013

MTPD Awards ceremony

On Wednesday, March 20, 2013, the Meridian Township Police Department held its annual Awards Ceremony.  The event recognized contributions made by community members and Police Department personnel during the past year.  In addition, the 2013 Officer of the Year was awarded.  


Certificate of Appreciation:
·         Tracey and Michelle Wellman were instrumental in locating a missing person who was suffering from hypothermia and dehydration.  They called the police after hearing cries for help coming from outside their residence.
·         Betsy Bowers, Julie Stauffer and Summer Palmer are members of the Meridian Police Departments Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program.  The program is designed to enhance the delivery of police services while building effective partnerships within the community.  Each of these honorees contributed their personal time throughout 2012 to assist the Police Records Department with overflow duties.
·         Peyton Houghton, a nine-year old boy, took swift action to assist his younger brother Cooper who was suffering from a medical emergency.  Peyton   recognized the emergency, and summoned the help of his parents.  Peyton was recognized for taking swift action and for his sense of guardianship for his younger brother.
·         Crary Grattan was recognized for performing emergency CPR and summoning the police for assistance for his neighbor. 
·         Rachel Freeman organized bake sales at Okemos High School and attracted matching funds to help fund the Mankowski Annual Holiday Party, an event organized by Meridian Officer Gayelord Mankowski.  Over the past two years, Ms. Freeman has been instrumental in attracting over $6,000 to benefit this event. 


Letter of Appreciation:
·         Cadet Nicholas Wagner for volunteering his personal time in order to improve the parking unit.  Cadet Wagner’s efforts and unselfish donation of his own personal time helped local businesses and other property owners maintain a safe parking environment for their visitors and assured greater access to handicap parking spaces for motorists with a legitimate need.
·         Officer Judy Hood and Officer Dave Metts who responded to a call of a vicitm down and not breathing.  Officers Hood and Metts took over CPR efforts being performed and helped extend the victims life.

Certificate of Commendation:
·         Sergeant Andrew McCready was recognized for his development of the Police Department’s successful social media efforts.  Sergeant McCready is a respected expert in this evolving field and is sought after as an instructor in law enforcement training centers throughout Michigan.  Closer to home and throughout 2012, Sergeant McCready’s work with social media in such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Nixle has been instrumental in the arrest of over 25 wanted persons.  

Unit Citation for Professional Excellence:
The following personnel received awards for their role in an incident on August 23, 2012, involving the arrest of a burglar who was targeting auto dealerships while on a statewide crime spree.  While attempting to burglarize an automobile dealership on Jolly Road he fled the scene upon the arrival of several Meridian officers.  Through the officers rapid response, immediate planning, and through inter-agency cooperation with the Clinton County Sheriff Department, the individual was located, arrested and crimes affecting numerous jurisdictions throughout Michigan were solved.

Sergeant Bart Crane                 Unit Citation for Professional Excellence
Officer Kyle Royston              Unit Citation for Professional Excellence
Officer Erin Linn                     Unit Citation for Professional Excellence
Officer Kevin Harvey              Unit Citation for Professional Excellence
Officer Rebecca Payne            Unit Citation for Professional Excellence
Deputy John Vance                 Unit Citation for Professional Excellence
(Clinton County Sheriff Department K9 handler)

Officer of the Year Award
Sergeant Brad Bach has been a dedicated employee of the Meridian Township Police Department since 1995.  He is a widely respected shift supervisor whose professionalism and work ethic serve as an example to others.  Sergeant Bach has been praised by the command staff for his leadership skills and self-initiating approach to police work and his calm demeanor during even the most difficult of circumstances.  Throughout the years, he has taken on various responsibilities in the Department.  These responsibilities include his service as a Patrol Officer, Investigator, Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator, as both a Bicycle Officer and Bicycle Instructor, and currently as a Sergeant commanding one of the Department’s road patrol shifts.  In his personal life, Sergeant Bach serves as a volunteer for both Lake Lansing Park and the Haslett Community School District.  In a Department full of outstanding employees, Sergeant Bach stands among the finest.  The Department was proud to recognize Sergeant Brad Bach as the 2013 Officer of the Year.

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