Thursday, February 9, 2012

Technology in law enforcement

It's amazing all of the applications for technology that are emerging in Law Enforcement.  Since I've worked at the Meridian Township Police Department I've been able to witness an amazing growth in the use of technology.  For example, when I first started working here we didn't have computers in the patrol cars and we used Polaroid cameras to take pictures. Now each car is equipped with a computer that can access numerous databases, you can do reports on it and check your email.  We also use digital recording devices (video and audio).

As a gadget nerd (self described) I am really excited to see what the future brings to our field.  With the popularity of tablets and smartphones I believe that we will begin to see many innovations in making our Officers work stations even more mobile than they already are. Is technology changing your place of business? It is in ours and I can't wait until each Officer has a jet pack and mobile intelligence computer strapped to their arm (just kidding, kind of).

Here is an example of some emerging technology that will benefit police departments:

Do you recognize this woman?

**********************************UPDATE*************************************** With the help of citizens who responded to this post we h...