Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crime Alert

Blue arrow pointing at Maple Ridge
We have received four home invasions or attempted home invasions from the Maple Ridge neighborhood in Haslett since the beginning of December.

We are asking for your help in solving these crimes.  In one of the attempts a black male was seen looking through a sliding glass door, but ran away when he saw a neighbor.

Please make sure your sliding glass door is locked and secured.  Also, watch out for your neighbors.  If you see anything suspicious in the area or in your neighborhood please call 911.

If anyone has any information in reference to these crimes please call Sgt. Lana Howell at (517)853-4800,  by email at howell@meridian.mi.us, or you can submit an anonymous tip by clicking on the following link: Submit a tip

Can you help us identify her?

Do you know who this woman is?  She is reportedly a part of a group that has been stealing purses and then cashing stolen checks in the area...