Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vendor's License required...

During the summer months we experience people going door to door selling everything from magazine subscriptions to meat.  We often get complaints about these vendors.  In Meridian Township you must get a vending license from the Township before you may sell things door to door.  This is the only way that we can try and screen out fraudulent companies before they scam you.  If someone comes to your residence and tries to sell you something, call us and we can verify if they have a license.

Meridian Township's vending ordinance states:

A.   It shall be unlawful for any person or organization, either as principal, agent, or representative, to engage in the conduct of vending, as herein defined, within the township without having first obtained a license therefor in the manner provided herein, except as set forth in this section.

B.  The provisions of subsection (a) of this section do not apply to:
Any person under the age of 18 years.
Any person selling products on his property that were grown upon lands leased or owned by him.
Any person selling products at the township farmer's market.
Any person engaging in vending upon commercial premises, provided:
That such person shall have written permission to do so from the owner or operator of such premises; and
That the owner or operator of such premises shall in writing acknowledge legal responsibility and liability for the acts of such person upon such premises, and the consequences thereof; and
That the owner or operator of such premises shall be required to obtain a license under this ordinance, except that no bond shall be required.
Any person vending as the duly authorized representative or agent of any church, charitable, educational, or fraternal organization or of any political group seeking funds or membership or of any nonprofit organization duly authorized under the laws of the state; but the church, charitable, educational, or fraternal organization, or the political group, or the nonprofit organization shall be required to make a license application for purposes of information only.
Any person vending as the authorized agent or representative of a principal which is licensed under this article; provided, that:
The principal shall issue each such agent or representative an identification card, which the agent or representative shall produce upon request; and
The principal shall file with the township treasurer a cash bond in an amount equal to $500.00 for each organization vending within the township, in lieu of the bond required bysection 38-155; and
The principal shall maintain with an identified person within the township a current roster of all individuals authorized by the principal as its agents or representatives within the township, which roster shall be produced upon request.
Any owner or operator of a retail business establishment conducting an off-premises sale on commercial property of another. Such off-premises sales shall be limited to two per year for each owner or operator of such a retail business establishment.
(Code 1974, § 64-2)

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