Thursday, June 9, 2011

When should I call the police?

We often find people see crimes being committed but don't call the police.
When asked these witnesses often say, "I thought that looked odd, but I wasn't sure if I should call." For police officers that call can often mean the difference between catching a criminal immediately or not catching them until months later after they have victimized numerous other people.

We've put together a short list, which we realize is not all inclusive, but is a good starting point of when you should call the police.

1. When someone is shouting or screaming for help.

2. If someone is looking into windows of a house or parked cars.

3. If you hear any unusual noises.

4. If you see any property being taken out of a home.

5. If you see vehicles moving slowly through your neighborhood with no apparent destination, or with no lights on.

6. If you see someone being forced into a vehicle.

7. A stranger sitting in a car, or stopping and talking with a child.

Now, when you see these things what number do you call? If you see any crime or suspicious activity going on call 911 immediately. If you would like to report property crimes that occurred previously, traffic accidents with no injuries, loud parties or any other non life-threatening incident you should call (517)332-6526.

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