Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sergeant McCready graduates from M.S.U. School of Staff and Command

Congratulations to Sergeant Andrew McCready on his recent graduation from the M.S.U. School of Staff and Command!

Here is a description of the course Sgt. McCready completed:

The Michigan State University School of Staff and Command is committed to building capacity of Michigan law enforcement organizations through the development of staff and command personnel within those organizations.

This Michigan focused 400-hour problem-based course is learner driven through utilization of relevant, real-life, work based problems wherein each student is responsible for his/her own learning. Students work in collaborative learning groups with a maximum of six students and one instructor/facilitator per group. They are actively engaged in problem-solving, in-depth discussions, and critical thinking activities throughout the course. Concepts and skills, once introduced, will be revisited and practiced in more and more complex problematic situations as the weeks progress.

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